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Spinal manipulative therapy in older adults with chronic low back pain: an individual participant data meta-analysis

  • Alan Jenks,
  • Annemarie de Zoete,
  • Maurits van Tulder,
  • Sidney M. Rubinstein &
  • International IPD-SMT group

European Spine Journal (2022)

A new study to assess the effects of Spinal Manipulative Therapy, (SMT) on pain and function in older adults with chronic Lower Back Pain has been released.

A Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) which examined the effects of SMT in adults with chronic LBP compared to interventions recommended in international LBP guidelines such as exercise and medication.

SMT provided similar outcomes to recommended interventions for pain and functional status in the older adult with chronic LBP. SMT should be considered a treatment for this patient population. Pain and function improved by the end of treatment, and this improvement was sustained up to 12 months.

So plainly speaking, if you are over 55 and have chronic back pain, this study shows you could benefit from chiropractic treatment or some form of SMT.

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My Health “Gardening”

Have fun but don’t hurt yourself in the garden. Although you may not think of gardening as a sport, in reality it can result in as many injuries as a number of sports. One of the main contributing factors to gardening injuries is that many gardeners think of the activity as a casual afternoon and therefore inadequately warm up, stretch or prepare. Don’t worry the warm up “will grow on you”

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