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Dr Arcady Turczynowicz

Chiropractor B.Sc, M.Chiro (Macquarie University)

Dr Arcady has been a chiropractor since 1992 and was inspired to become a chiropractor after treatment as a child. "It has been a wonderful journey, looking after so many people, many of whom have become like family.

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Stirling Chiropractor

Dr Sarah Dwyer

Chiropractor B.HSc, M.Chiro

Dr Sarah commenced practicing in 2002 following her graduation from Macquarie University. Dr Sarah has had lifelong treatment and was inspired to begin a career in chiropractic after again experiencing the benefits of care.

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Katalin Elmendorp


Katalin has always had an active involvement in healing and science. Katalin completed a pharmacy degree in Hungary, working in research on how to administrate drugs into the body for the best effects.

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Raymond Elmendorp

Massage Therapist

Ray is a remedial massage therapist with 17 years experience; he has a special focus on the treatment of muscular and joint injuries whether they are work or sports related.

Helping patients to achieve their maximum health potential, get better and stay better
Our team of highly trained professionals use the latest treatment techniques to assist you back to pain-free health, quickly and easily. Each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation to identify the reasons why you may not be functioning to your full potential. Treatment is provided gently, safely and tailored to get you back to whatever level you choose.

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