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Meet Our Chiropractors

All of the chiropractors at SA Chiropractic are appropriately tertiary qualified and will work together with you to improve your quality of life. Our chiropractors will assess, diagnose and treat you for your movement problems and advise on injury avoidance so you can achieve and maintain a fit, healthy body.

Dr Arcady Turczynowicz B.Sc, M.Chiro (Macquarie University)

Dr Arcady has been a chiropractor since 1992 and was inspired to become a chiropractor after treatment as a child. "It has been a wonderful journey, looking after so many people, many of whom have become like family. It almost doesn't feel like work, just a big social catch up with what's been happening in everyone's life. There is a serious side, but it's a wonderful feeling to be part of someone's recovery, to help them get back to good health, and stay there."

Dr Arcady Turczynowicz
Dr Sarah Dwyer
Dr Sarah Dwyer B.HSc, M.Chiro

Dr Sarah commenced practicing in 2002 following her graduation from Macquarie University. Dr Sarah has had lifelong treatment and was inspired to begin a career in chiropractic after again experiencing the benefits of care. She has enjoyed changing the lives of many of her patients and looks forward to helping more in the future.

Dr Brad Moore B.Chiro Sc, M.Chiro

Dr Brad was first introduced into Chiropractic as a junior footballer after persistent hamstring strains, and hasn't looked back since. His special interests are in Sports Chiropractic and Injury prevention and management. Dr Brad was a talented junior footballer and has since taken up cycling.

Dr Brad Moore
Raymond Elmendorp
Raymond Elmendorp

Ray is a remedial massage therapist with 17 years experience; he has a special focus on the treatment of muscular and joint injuries whether they are work or sports related.

Katalin Elmendorp

Kati is a naturopath, herbalist and remedial massage therapist, with 12 years experience. Katalin uses specialised testing equipment known as Vega testing to find out about food sensitivities and deficiencies. These tests then assist her in planning how to improve your health and lifestyle.

Katalin Elmendorp
Donna Hicks
Donna Hicks

Donna is a remedial massage therapist at our Modbury North clinic.